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    All our products are manufactured with the closest attention to detail, hand fitted for “Old World” quality, not found in most other “mass production” makes. Everything is TESTED before it becomes available for sale and delivered to you, our client, free of problems, for a lifetime of satisfaction and pride of ownership. We refuse to “cut corners” for profit, so our products are not the cheapest, but they are the most economical considering the years of worry free service you will enjoy from them, with minimum maintenance.

     For example, our .22 Rimfire suppressor is an aluminum tube with aluminum front cup but the part that threads to your barrel as well as all the buffers is Stainless Steel, and still only 3 oz. ! Unless someone manages to shoot the buffers, there is no way this little unit will let him down!

    We do not make ANY suppressors with sole aluminum. If you follow the maintenance instructions and do not misuse it, it will last you a lifetime, or we will fix it or replace it for free. At the same time, we are not going to pay for someone else’s mistakes, so, if you have your barrel threaded by someone else, we cannot be responsible for misalignment of the suppressor and ultimately damages to it. We will correct other manufacturers (or so called gunsmiths) mistakes, but at your cost.

    Our pride is the fact that most of our customers in our area have become friends over the years and we have customers visiting from other States to see us and enjoy our services. OLD TIME SERVICE, BONDS FRIENDSHIPS