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    Most humans, having a higher intelligence than the rest of the occupants of our little planet, always had and have a need to control the elements dictating our quality of life.


    In the struggle against superior forces, either of natural or the deliberately designed variety, a weapon was the first necessary human invention alongside to shelter and food. Without weapons, neither of the other two would have been possible or secured.

    Through the Classical times, the Hellenic Culture set the basis of our Western Civilization in everything we hold dear today like language, philosophy, arts, athletics, architecture, mathematics, physics, agriculture, medicine...the list has no end. All this plethora of achievement peaked within one hundred years of Democracy - an Athenian invention - the Classical “Golden Age of Pericles”.

    There lies the corner stone of our cherished Freedom. The Athenian Citizen of that era was the first civilized free man.

    The same civilization survived the challenges of all the Barbaric hoards threatening its existence through its weapons and tactics, developed and established by it and taught to the Elite Forces even today. Ask a Marine, he will tell you about it (incidentally, the first Marines where storming out of an Ancient Hellenic “trieris”, the ship that was the best of its time). Historically, the achievements of free societies are far superior than those of tyrannic or controlled societies.

    Like every other technical achievement, the weapon developed by the free thinking scientist is far superior of that of a slave laborer of a Totalitarian regime.

    If you have ever created anything, you know that there comes a time, where you have to go back to the basics to solve a complicated problem.

    Our Free Society today has a lot of problems, very “complex” ones, but they are all solvable, as long as the remedies we decide to apply are the correct ones.
We cannot afford to be influenced by the over - developed sensitivities of the “ultra - cultured”, “civilized” as they-erroneously- want to call themselves as they feast on “tofu” sausages over “alfalfa” and “designer water” while attending the ceremony of exchanging of wedding vows between Bruce and Donald..... Time to visit the basics, to clear our confused minds from the “clutter”.

    Buddy, a deer is food to be harvested like any other source of food, responsibly.

    A wild pig is a varmint that has to be controlled (a very tasty one I might add, slowly roasted with a bit of olive oil, lemon and oregano over a fire pit, the traditional Hellenic way). Hunting is a human tradition dating to the time that our respected arses where kicked out of the Creator’s Garden of Eden.

    Actually, a staple diet of game meat might help you with your obesity problem better than your regular dose of chemicals you are downing every day. Suing the food Industry will not solve your problem. Stop sticking ten of them in your mouth at a time, it will.

    Your Citizen who purchases any kind of weapon legally has been searched by a dozen Agencies and Taxed to death for all the activities he will be participating in with it.

    You have nothing to worry about him. Worry about all the illegal guns in the hands of the “bad guys”. Banning guns will not solve the problem. Enforcing the existing Laws will... and you know what? I am always very nervous when a bunch of ignorant idiots are telling me that they will secure my safety by banning my weapons. But, then again, that’s me...

....the “Crazy Greek”