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Photos and Things

GKD / RUGER "Barracuda" Integrated suppressor

GKD / RUGER "Barracuda" Integrated suppressor with an "OKO" sight on a see-through mount. Very Quiet!!!

KIMBER .45 Custom

KIMBER .45 "Custom", with "Surefire" Tactical light

KIMBER .45 "Custom", with "Surefire" Tactical light, "Lasergrips" laser, Night Sights, threaded barrel with thread protector and adapter and our "LION" Carbon Fiber suppressor. VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER !!!

The HOGUN ( Integrally suppressed Ruger 77/44 carbine ) is only 5.7 lbs !

The HOGUN (Integrally suppressed Ruger 77/44 carbine) is only 5.7 lbs!

Cal. .50 on steel shoulders

Our 50 BMG bullpup at the highest point of recoil, shot from the shoulder, standing position. Not bad at all !!

Full auto therapy

Full auto is always relaxing to your nerves..and the bill for the ammo tenses you up all over again.

'Cause I'm a Believer

This girl was an anti-gunner, then she met..Krincov!!!

db meter

Measuring the "db"s..again and again!

Full size Springfield 1911 competition pistol with Lion Carbon fiber .45 suppressor

Even though 1911s need a booster to cycle with anybody's suppressor, this gun worked flawlessly with our ultra light "LION" Carbon fiber .45 without it. Happy customer!

Ruger 22
Ruger 22

Customer's Ruger 22 with the front sight moved back, thread protector and our SDL .22 suppressor (same diameter as the bull barrel) Happy customer!

Walther P22 with SDL suppressor and Holo sight adapter

Walther P22 with original see through mount, Holo sight adapter and
our very quiet SDL22 suppressor. Happy Customer!

Savage 10FP in .308 Heavy barrel shortened to 16"

Savage 10FP in .308 Heavy barrel shortened to 16"
Savage 10FP in .308 Heavy barrel shortened to 16"

Savage 10FP in .308 Heavy barrel shortened to 16", threaded crowned with thread protector. VERY ACCURATE & QUIET with our SDH30 suppressor. Happy customer!