New ideas, “out of the box” thinking and a cunning ability to apply the best solution to a technical application are the attributes that distinguish “SHOOTERS DEPOT” from all other manufacturers around the World. Expertly made and hand fitted prototypes are created and tested, to ensure the functionality of every part, before production standards are set.

CNC Machine


    Precise lathe work by 4 axis computerized lathes ensures the ability to repeat the closest possible tolerance. Every part is gauged and the equipment calibration is verified at the start of every working day by the highly experienced machinist that operates it. Then, the parts are checked again by the production Manager before the next
production step.

The Heart
AR15 lowers in a shelf AR15 lowers in a shelf


    Highest precision is a must and the 4 axis CNC mills are the best way to produce superior parts. Our line of upper and lower M16 receivers under our brand “Unlimited Supply of Armaments” (U.S.of A.) are machined forgings, the strongest and best possible variety in the Industry. They are also the basis of our famous “EXTRA SHORTY”.

CNC Machine
U.S. of A.


    Laser fusing is far superior to traditional welding since it does NOT overheat or deform the parts, add foreign metals to the joint or change the temper (hardness) of crucial parts (like a gun barrel or chamber).
    It is the best way to join these parts permanently with no chance of separation under extreme pressure, without altering the molecular structure or trueness of the components.


    Three types of finishing in a large array of colorations is offered with our products.
    Baked paint, Parkerizing and hot blueing techniques cover most of the needs of our clients.
    Custom finishes required by special client needs are also available, like powder coats, teflon based epoxies etc. for all weather, chemical and extended use protection with excellent results.

Gunsmith Short Barrel Rifles - Extra Shorties


Highly experienced gunsmiths are employed, adding their valuable knowledge and critical eye to the assembly line.
Vigorous testing by Experts in their field is documented and dated, resulting in our products to be acclaimed by our clients, our competitors and the International Industry experts as “10 YEARS AHEAD OF OUR TIME” and “THE BEST IN THE WORLD”.

Briefcase .308 Rifle Suppressor


Gunsmith Short Barrel Rifles - Extra Shorties

Carbon fiber has become the material of choice for a myriad of applications in the last decade, even though it was discovered in 1879 by Edison. It was first used commercially in 1960 by William Watt for Royal Aircraft in the UK.
Initially used by military and aeronautic applications is now started to enjoy the popularity that it deserves and combined with glass fibers is the basis for many new structural materials.

From gears to drive shafts, structural to cosmetic, its use has started a new "material revolution".

Carbon fiber is much stronger than stainless or carbon steel and titanium, but still much lighter than aluminum.

It dissipates heat faster than most materials, so fast that can be handled in a couple of seconds after heating it to a white glow with an oxy-acetylene torch!
This proves that the carbon fiber cloth itself dissipates heat instantly. Since common carbon fiber melts at over 3,600 Fahrenheit, the cloth itself can be used in extremely hot environments.

The problem is the binding agent that keeps it in the desirable shape: the epoxy filler.

We are the first manufacturer (2003) that used carbon fiber successfully in its suppressor's body. At that time the only carbon fiber tube available was rated for holding 200 Fahrenheit.
That was not acceptable, so through carbon fiber/epoxy combinations we have arrived to tubes that can hold 450 Fahrenheit.
These tubes are more than adequate to withstand the temperatures of any bolt action rifle fired in rapid fire succession.

We had excellent results also in rapid semi automatic fire with AR10 (.308) rifles with 18" barrels, firing 3 magazines (60 shots) as fast as it can be shot, or even if full auto mode in M4 carbines (5.56 NATO) with 16" barrels. The carbon fiber tubing became a bit hotter than comfortable to handle at the fully automatic rate of fire, but it still remained much cooler than any metal suppressor.

For introduction on 2012, we have formulated and tested a new carbon fiber tube that is rated for 700 Fahrenheit for 12 hours, with short "spikes" for up to 1,000 Fahrenheit, much more suitable for fully automatic fire.

Carbon fiber is not effected by any common gun cleaning or lubricating products, alkalis or acids.
It's also impervious to high structural pressures, UV rays, high humidity and salt water environment.

It is the major component of the "Wally" line of yachts, like the 70 miles per hour, 118 foot marvel shown here where you can travel in opulence with 11 of your friends and 8 crew, for a modest price of 33 million dollars. Then, enjoy a sensual drive in your newest all carbon fiber body (and a lot more) V12 Pagani-Zonda Roadster while contemplating our collective luck of living in a World where technology can make our special moments of enjoyment that much more effortless!

Briefcase .308 Rifle Suppressor

Carbon fiber helped us to improve our game in golf and it's even there to save our life and limb in a medical emergency.

We are luckier than our fathers to live in an era of such technological advancements, but the, there are still some uninformed "nostalgists" that stick to traditional products (like "all metal" suppressors).

Your need of quiet enjoyment at your shooting hobby (target shooting, hunting etc.) or even your professional needs (tactical, military counter sniping etc.) has being fulfilled, the moment you had decided to own our A.R.I.E.S. system, the State of the Art in suppressors.

Our promise to you is that we will always be at the end of a phone line to respond to your needs and help you enjoy your system.

Our continuous Research and Development will always bring you the best products money can buy in the shooting Industry, from the best ideas, best possible materials and technical advancements, to the best solutions for old problems. Carbon fiber is the State of the Art material for now.

We are already working on other avenues of research and that is our strength!

For now, your quest has ended! You have found the BEST!