"Alien" Technology

Since some of the suppressor manufacturers are calling themselves "Best on Earth", "SHOOTERS DEPOT" must be from another Planet !

Our 2010 Patent (NA 5) is solving problems of major weapon systems, like cannons and extremely fast firing weapons as far as major noise and flash suppression, recoil reduction and thermal signature, when the Industry is still baffled about "baffle design" and "Point of Impact shift", solved once and for all by our "A.R.I.E.S." system and its numerous applications.

Dealing with extreme heat and pressure of the magnitude of a Minigun, a GAU 19, a "Phalanx" and an artillery cannon (like on the M1A2 Abrams Tank), takes vision, higher level of knowledge and understanding of new materials and techniques, but most of all "out of the box" thinking.

Through research, experimentation and vigorous testing, we have improved the synthesis of our materials to the point of impossible failure under the given parameters.
Our newest Carbon Fiber Ceramic (CFC) components withstand extreme pressures and temperatures over 3000 F (in an oven for 12 hours).
"Rocket Science"? Yes, since variations of similar materials are used currently on rocket components (combustion chambers, exhausts etc.)
Such advanced (and costly) materials are used for products we create for Governmental applications.
There is no need for such material performance in the "civilian" type of weapons, with the exception of Military weapons legally owned by individuals (like machineguns etc.).

The NA 5 (Patented) system can be applied to a multitude of weapon systems and it is the first and only suppressor system that solves the use of "sabot" rounds (where the projectile is carried by a discarding jacket or cup, releasing it after exiting the barrel) without danger of effecting the structural integrity of the suppressor components.
To the matter of fact, it is impossible to have buffer strikes in the NA 5 and the phenomenal strength and heat resisting qualities of the materials used, enables the system to solve problems that nobody in the Industry had attempted to solve before.

The NA 5

Original concept
Due to Proprietary design, as well as non disclosure restrictions, only a basic depiction of the NA 5 system is illustrated here.

applied to

the GAU 19

The NA 5 system is applied to various weapons, from bolt action counter sniper rifles, to multi barrel extreme rapid firing weapons, or even to shotguns.
Actually, the original idea for suppressing a "shot" firing weapon is the basis of the concept. The NA 5 system evolved to allow a "sabot" round to be fired through the suppressor without harming the weapon or device, achieving incredible noise reduction and heat dissipation, due to its over-generous chamber capacity.
The larger the volume of gas trapped and cooled in a suppressor, the better the reduction of noise and heat it is achieved.

Furthermore, the extremely rapid dissipation of heat demonstrated by our Carbon Fiber (or even better, our CFC) is aiding the cooling of the gas as well as the radiant heat from the barrel(s), much more efficiently than air cooling of the weapon components.

Such performance is not possible to be achieved with any type of steel, aluminum or titanium components, frequent in traditional suppressor construction by all other manufacturers. "SHOOTERS DEPOT" with its "LION", "LION-A", "A.R.I.E.S." and now the "NA 5" systems is accepted as the un-challenged Leader of the Industry, for years to come.