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SUPPRESSORS ( Silencers )

Shooters Depot - Made in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Myths, facts and a lot of “hoopla” for nothing....

    A “sound suppressor” is a devise that will suppress sound.

    A “silencer” does not exist.

    As good as a sound suppressor can possibly be (ours) it cannot totally eliminate the sound, since there are a multitude of noise sources from the action, firing pin and a slide that moves about 120 miles per hour, springs etc. Then, you have the gases escaping as the action opens and the actual bullet moving through the air, the “sonic boom” that happens when a projectile moves faster than 1080 ft per second (average, changing about 20 ft up or down, according to temperature). Contrary to popular belief, altitude and humidity does not effect the speed of sound.

    Sound is measured in “decibel” (db) and the International Standards for limits are
dictating that 140 db (much lower than an average gunshot) would be harmful to your hearing. An M16 firing a .223 round generates on average 165 db of noise.
A .223 external (screw on) suppressor with 40 db reduction of noise will make it much more tolerable, to the sound of a jackhammer (about 130 db). A subsonic round with an integrated suppressor will work much better, reducing the report to a hand clap (about 70 db).

    There are a few problems in the Industry. First of all, there are some small Manufacturers that do not report honestly their report levels, trying to impress novice clients to buy their units by “shaving off” a couple of db’ s from some other Manufacturers report. You know what I ‘ll say to that?

    The proof is in the pudding...Our reputation and warranty will take care of that. Another problem is ...Hollywood. You see time and time again in movies some guy screwing a suppressor the size of a roll of dimes on a revolver and they proceed to shoot a .44 Magnum in a Public place packed with people with no one hearing it. The only way to suppress a revolver involves a costly and heavy gas enclosure of the cylinder and the gap between the cylinder and forcing cone (see middle handgun on the heading above), otherwise the suppressor will be totally ineffective. If they cannot get this part of the facts straight, I am very worried when they are touching subjects like the “XM missile” etc.

Siegfried F. Huebner

    The only thing they do is to build up the public’s expectations to unrealistic levels.
The worst problem though, is the ignorance of the average citizen as per rules and
regulations of owning NFA weapons and devices (full autos, suppressors, short barrel rifles / shotguns, destructive Devices and AOWs). The rules are much easier than any average “know it all” idiot will tell you.

    I have heard it all:

  • “You need a Class 3 License”,
  • “The Police will come in your House any time they want to”
  • “You need to own your own house”,
  • “you need to keep a “log” book to show when you used the silencer”
  • ... I even heard an idiot telling people that “you have to give your DNA”

PLEASE, Go to our “LEGALITIES” page for some serious answers.