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The gun that started it all

After our expansion, we have managed to catch up with our orders and make some “Extra Shorties” for inventory ! Finally !

Short Barrel Rifles - Extra Shorties


    The whole thing started in 1999, when GKD, once and for all, solved the problem of “cycling” of short barrel uppers, common in most manufactured uppers in the Market.

AR-15 Extra Shorty Balancing Act

    Since then and a lot of guns later, NONE has come back for any adjustments, they all work like a dream.

    It makes sense, since we take extra care in our manufacturing process and our quality control standards are unheard of in the Industry. Balance (see AR-15 photo to the left, standing on its barrel) helps you carry the gun with less “fatigue”, all day.

    Using target barrels made by “Douglass” or “Shilen”, we achieve unbelievable accuracy out of our 7.5” barrel of our “Extra Shorty” (golf balls at 100 yards, every shot, with good ammo) and still managed to offer it to you for less money than a mid standard model.


AR-15  “Extra Shorty” Model "A3Q"

    Our new edition to the "Extra Shorty" Family, with an extra "quadra" picatinny free floating handguard is the perfect platform to make any configuration you could possibly desire.

    The one in the picture features the latest "Bushnell Holo" sight, a "BSA" laser and a "Scorpion" Tactical light (add $ 365.00 to the price).

PRICE : $ 2,399.99

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The latest "Shorty" is now in production

AR-15  “Extra Shorty” model A2
AR-15  “Extra Shorty”
AR-15  “Extra Shorty”

    With 12" heavy barrel covered completely by the "Quadra Picatinny" free floating handguard, a "Krinkov" style removable muzzle break that allows you to replace it with your suppressor in a jiffy, collapsible 6 position stock, collapsible horizontal front grip, collapsible and folding bi pod, "Troy" folding sights, it is the best looking beast in the Jungle! It can be your platform to add all the "gadgets" you could possibly need or like to have.

PRICE : $ 2,500.00 (Holo sight extra)
Your choice (gun only with one 30 rd mag) $ 1,900.00

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“Extra Shorty” model A2

AR-15  “Extra Shorty” model A2

PRICE : $ 1,999.99

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“Extra Shorty” model A3

AR-15  Extra Shorty A3 Flattop

SD/GKD "EXTRA SHORTY" cal. 223, 7.5" bbl.
Basic unit ready to accept all the accessories you will want.

PRICE : $ 1,999.99

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“Extra Shorty” model A3 (flat top)

“Extra Shorty” model A3

    A3 (flat top) version with BSA laser and OKO sight. Also comes with one 30-round magazine.

PRICE : $ 2,199.99

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"Extra Shorty" Model A2 (Permanent handle and front sight)

Extra Shorty

    A2 (Permanent handle and front sight) version with red dot flashlight and laser on a "gooseneck mount", one 30-round magazine.

PRICE : $ 2,450.00

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