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Clandestine weaponry & SPEC OPS

Exotic Firearms

    This page shows Russian developments in this field from 1975 to date, still in service today, originally designed to be used by officials of the KGB and “SpetsNaz” Forces.


MSP silet pistol
The MSP silent pistol with 2 fired SP3 rounds

S4M silent pistol
The S4M silent pistol with 1 live and 2 fired SP4 rounds

    Developed for Special Operations as well as personal protection of KGB agents, these are totally silent without the use of any kind of suppressor.

    The secret lies on the development of a line of cartridges that totally contained all gases and utilized a “plunger” to propel the projectile ( caliber 7.62 mm or .30 “) out of the barrel with speeds around 900 ft /sec., better than a .380 ! Both these are 2 shot “derringer” type. Impressive!

    Have we the knowledge and capability to make weapons like that?
You bet your spurs, bubba !!!

    These, obviously, can be sold ONLY to Law Enforcement or Military and Governmental Agencies around the Globe, and after our Government approves it.

    A lot of our research time is spent on new concepts or improvements of old principles in weaponcraft. It keeps us on our toes and our products “State of the Art”.

So, unless you qualify, do not ask.

PSS silent semiautomatic pistol

The PSS silent semiautomatic pistol (cal. 7.62) with a live PZAM round next to a 9x19 for comparison

    The newer cartridge (PZAM 7.62mm) with improved “plunger” works fine with the PSS semiauto (above). This silent marvel holds 6 rounds in its magazine.