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Boosters and Adapters for your firearms

    A very well known fact about suppressors is that they will make your semiautomatic firearm a “single shot weapon”, specially if your pistol is a Browning design derivative (linked barrel that locks up and unlocks down) as the Browning HP, the 1911 family of pistols and clones (Colt 1911), Glock, Steyr, Sig Sauer etc.

    This is mostly caused by the extra weight in the front of the barrel and the extreme reduction of the gas volume by the suppressor.

    This is a very desirable effect for stealthy work (like Special Forces warriors) keeping the mechanical noise down to a minimum.

    In other cases, the shooter will want the firearm to “cycle” and for that we have created our “booster” that connects between the barrel and the suppressor and allows your pistol to cycle reliably.

    The best choice is a separate “booster” since it gives you the choice of cycling or not, but we also offer our suppressors with "integral boosters” for clients who want an “all in one” solution.

    On the other hand, we have the lightest suppressors in the Market and as a result we have a surprising number of pistols cycling without a “booster” over and above the known design systems as the “Walther”, “Beretta”, “CZ”, “Makarov” etc.

Suppressors with integrated "booster" vs. non integrated (standard) suppressor

Integrated “booster” suppressor

Standard suppressor

    The integrated “booster” suppressor (left) is slightly longer than our standard suppressor (right), but a bit shorter than the suppressor + booster combination (below). Priced according to components.

Glock with booster and suppressor

    All our suppressors are designed to accommodate most standard sights on handguns, so you can see to aim before you shoot make sense?)

ADAPTER for Ruger 77

Adapter for Ruger 77 attached to our .223 Cal. suppressor

    Leave your gun alone, if you want to.
We will make an adapter to allow you to attach your suppressor or other device (like a tranquilizer dart tube) without having to thread your barrel or alter your firearm. Custom fitting required for best results

PRICE : $ 285.00

Adapter for Ruger 77


    We will thread your original barrel and make an adapter to attach a suppressor to your pistol. The adaptor can stay on your suppressor so you don't lose it. The thread protector on your barrel also can be tighter fit to your bushing area of your slide, so it improves accuracy! This way, the pistol looks unchanged but mainly the barrel does not protrude from the slide when you do not have the suppressor on, as it will with a longer barrel.

    Also, this way we can adapt ANY make and model of pistol to accept a suppressor, as long as the barrel is straight!

PRICE : $ 369.00 (with a purchase of one of our suppressors)

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Barrel/Suppressor THREAD ADAPTER

Change your thread from 1/2 x 20 to 1/2 x 28 with this blued steel adapter

PRICE : $ 28.00

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Carbon Steel blued adapter
Carbon Steel blued adapter

Carbon Steel blued adapter for your Walther P22 , ( thread 1/2 x 28 )

PRICE : $ 56.00

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Patent Pending Suppressor barrel technique


WALTHER P990 threaded barrel

    Nobody makes a longer barrel for a lot of types of popular pistols, like the WALTHER P990 pictured. Even if someone did it will be costly and not of the original quality. With our system, your original barrel is fine threaded and the thread protector we provide works as a bushing, improving your lock up, thusly your accuracy. When you need to attach your suppressor you remove the thread protector and screw on the extention-adapter which you can keep permanently on your suppressor, so you don't lose it. YOU ARE DONE!

Patent Pending Suppressor barrel technique
Ruger pistol with GKD/SD suppressor adapter system

    With our revolutionary new techniques adapting ANY pistol to take
a suppressor became very easy. You do not need to have a new longer barrel
to be threaded anymore!

    Even if you can find a longer barrel like for this Ruger, fitting and function testing of the new barrel (with questionable quality) will be costly. Then, attaching your suppressor means that you have to exchange barrels, or you keep the long one on, "grabbing" on holsters or clothing.

    Our system is far superior and much more economical (for a limited time) we offer this service for $ 369.00 (if you are purchasing one of our suppressors).

    Now, that this technique is published in our website and advertised Nationally through other means, a lot of "copy cats" will start showing around! We will deal with them individually since there is a Patent Pending on this technique.


PRICE : $ 369.00

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