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Best in the world

    For the first time in suppressor development history our suppressor system solves all other manufacturers problems, eliminating most of the challenges an operator is currently facing in the field.


Our A.R.I.E.S. system offers:

    Minimal Weapon Conversion: The addition of one threaded tube and enlargement of the stock (if needed), no change to barrel or muzzle crown.

    Low Cost: It can be sold in a form of a kit for your armorers to install.*

    Exceptional Strength: Our Carbon Fiber tubing is 80 times stronger than most steel, 40 times stronger than titanium.

    Extreme Recoil Reduction: The 7.62 NATO fired with our system feels like a .22LR.

    Extreme Noise Reduction: Even though it is detachable, it is far more quiet than conventional integrated systems.

    Effective Stabilizer: The heat shield/flash suppressor tube is aligning in the outside of the muzzle by 4 metal points that do not exert pressure or weight but also serve as a very effective "stabilizer", improving accuracy.

E.D.M. model "Mini Windrunner" in 7.62 NATO (or .308)

    NO POINT OF IMPACT CHANGE: By attaching the suppressor to the heat shield and flash suppressor tube and away from the barrel, the weight is completely removed from the end of the muzzle, thusly not affecting the natural impact point of the weapon.

Breakout of E.D.M. model "Mini Windrunner" in 7.62 NATO (or .308)

    Self Alignment: The suppressor attaches to the inside diameter of the heat shield/flash suppressor, a larger area for the thread engagement, maintaining trueness.

    Minimal Weight: Our average (complete) system weight is 1.5lbs (.68kg). The majority of other units (suppressor only) is on average 2.3lbs (1kg).

    Extreme Heat Dissipation: Carbon Fiber dissipates heat faster than most materials to the point of handling the unit while firing, with bare skin.

    Low Heat Signature: Less visible to thermal sensors.

    No Mirage: No heat wave interference with optics.

    Operator Friendly: The system is designed to attach rapidly, even over a muzzle break/flash hider, in seconds, the unit's buffers are a one piece removable module.

SAVAGE model 10 FP in 7.62 NATO (.308)

    Interchangeability: Systems designed for a specific make of rifle are interchangeable (CNC manufacturing).

    Ease of Maintenance: Remove, clean and re-install in 2 minutes, in the field, with no tools.

*Warranties available ONLY if we perform or supervise the installation.

Breakout of SAVAGE model 10 FP in 7.62 NATO (.308)